Our Mission

Our company strategically manages boutique restaurants to increase growth and revenue, maximizing return on investments.

Empress works with restaurant owners as strategic partners and investors to maximize earning potential. Our company cultivates a corporate strategy for business growth and increases the return on investment. We collaborate with emerging, established, and mature boutique restaurants seeking to expand. Our company will create a strategy for your organization, we will work diligently for the expansion of your business.

The Empress Difference

We created our brand with the business owner in mind. We recognized restaurant owners struggling in the cutthroat nature of small business. Scores of business owners were so exhausted with management issues they could not leave the restaurant and without a doubt did not have resources available to consider business expansion. We understood owners with successful restaurant businesses needed assistance with business strategies to take their organizations to the next level. Our approach to clients is always in their best interests. If we don’t feel we can help you or there are other companies better suited for your situation, we will let you know. It’s that simple.

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Our Approach

We are delighted to offer our experience and expertise to businesses needing support. Our experience in commercial real estate, California small-business management, and finance can facilitate your business to receive a larger return on investment. If it’s expansion you’re after, we can create a strategic business plan to foster healthy, steady growth. Our team is always upfront with clients and our expectations for your company’s growth potential. There are times we don’t believe we can produce desired results for clients, and we let them know. Right now, 100% of our investments have been profitable and we plan to keep it that way.

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Our Portfolio

Madero's Mexican Tequila Bar
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