Breakfast Republic is a trendy boutique restaurant with seven locations throughout the San Diego area, with another one opening soon. The restaurant features an array of breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu items, including a rotation of on-tap beers. The menu has permanent options, as well as rotating novelty items. Foods like breakfast burgers and mashed potato omelets are just some of the quirky twists on mid-morning eating traditions. The drink menu is also unbelievably hip, with options ranging from antioxidant shots to beer.

Breakfast Republic launched in June 2015 and has grown exponentially with the help of Empress. Johan Engman, owner and founder of Breakfast Republic, is a native of Sweden. He began his career in the restaurant business at an early age and has been a successful entrepreneur since. Johan developed the idea of a niche breakfast restaurant after realizing the morning eatery scene was lacking in variety. Every restaurant seemed to offer the same menus, so he created a new concept of unique items. The menu, coupled with a quirky and comedic atmosphere, was all that was needed for success.

Currently operating in seven locations in Southern California, Empress is working with Johan to expand Breakfast Republic out of California. Consistently featured as one of the highest-rated restaurants in San Diego, the business has been touted in numerous publications, including Zagat and USA Today. We began working with Johan, because we saw the potential for a strong relationship and significant growth prospects.

We knew at first sight Breakfast Republic was a unique and high-potential restaurant. The business consistently rates as a top eatery by travel magazines, Expedia, and Trip Advisor. The restaurant has been featured in Zagat, USA Today, Fine Magazine, Nation’s Restaurant News, and multiple travel publications. The revolutionary ideas behind Breakfast Republic have placed the restaurant at the forefront of the food scene in Southern California.

Breakfast Republic’s growth is significant:

  • Exponential revenue increase
  • Growth from one to eight locations in just under three years
  • Consistently top-rated restaurant in Southern California
  • Expansion continuing out of state
  • Domination of the breakfast and brunch crowds of San Diego

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