Wokou Ramen & Yakitori Year Founded: 2017

A modern ode to the rich history of the iconic Japanese bowl of noodles, Wokou is far more than a traditional ramen spot – we’re urban, unique, unexpected and rooted in culture. Sip and slurp up elevated comfort food with warm, fiercely flavorful noodles alongside sizzling plates of Japanese yakitori. From our bright, full-sized airbrush wall illustrations to our one-of-a-kind twists on classic menu items, Wokou promises an exciting eating experience that is anything but typical.

Unlike most ramen spots, our lively, nightlife-driven bar has a full liquor license, allowing for vibrant signature cocktails and over 38 variations of whiskeys, including 17 exclusive traditional Japanese whiskeys! In addition to our vegan and gluten-free menu options and ramen noodles, we combine our tasty Asian-inspired dishes with ingredients to create innovative entrees such as Spicy Carnitas Ramen for a distinctive SoCal flair that you won’t find at any other ramen spot.

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California Native

California Native Year Founded: 2018

California Native celebrates the quality & lifestyle of sunny California, infused with homegrown freshness & innovation that native Californians pride themselves on. California Native promises to energize our guests with something new and unexpected. Not your typical chain restaurant that can be easily replicated, we are the next hidden gem, where families, friends and fellow Natives will gather to enjoy great food, great drinks and that notable California hospitality.

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Madero’s Year Founded: 2019

At Madero’s we strive to celebrate the rich heritage and history of Mexico by paying tribute to its illustrious cuisine and its most prolific asset, Tequila. We are committed to bringing the old world traditions of Mexico and its culture to the modern, suburban markets. Mexican hospitably and the “fiesta” environment will be at the forefront of your experience, leaving our guest with a lasting impression of what “Mexican hospitality” truly means.