Our Story

Our Name

Our brand name originated from the fastest growing tree in the world, the Empress Royal Tree. The hardy, resilient tree grows at rapid rates in nearly any environment. With a little extra care and nourishment, Empress Trees bloom into beautiful, prolific entities. The bountiful and luxuriant nature of the tree inspired us to create a namesake philanthropic company. We plant roots or strengthen the foundations of promising restaurants for the prosperous outcomes.

Our Purpose

Empress is an investment group focusing on boutique restaurants across the country. Our goal is not just investing, it’s helping your business develop a strategy to encourage growth and increase revenue. We understand the cutthroat nature of small business and help guide our clients through the progression of expansion. Our partnership will give you the confidence to take your business to the next level.

Empress was created in 2017, when we saw a need that other investment companies were not meeting. Small businesses were falling through the cracks, as investment companies were concentrating efforts only on larger businesses. Small boutique restaurants occupy a niche we understand and with which we have seen a great deal of success. We stand for small business and know that trendy, cutting-edge restaurants are the wave of the future.

James Langley is the founder and managing partner of Empress. James is involved in many joint ventures and has many years’ experience in commercial real estate. In addition to managing Empress, he is president and founder of Langley Commercial Investment. James is a philanthropist at heart and has always used his skills to help others improve their situations.

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